2023 Apprenticeship Start at Anton Häring KG in Bubsheim

The starting whistle has been blown for the 2023-2024 year of apprenticeship and training. At Anton Häring KG, we welcomed our new apprentices and students from the fields of technology, IT, administration and gastronomy. For decades, we have relied on in-house training and established Anton Häring Academies at every production site worldwide. Our academies provide uniform training with state-of-the-art machinery and individual training plans. Additionally, they promote the integration of people of international origin and offer their own tutoring services for school and language deficits.

Our Owner and President, Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring, emphasizes the importance of training for the future of our company: "We offer solutions for the mobility of the future. Our success is based on our own specialists and managers, so we always keep our finger on the pulse of training to offer our junior staff the best possible experience. They are our future."

The 2023 start of training at Anton Häring KG was characterized by a multifaceted program that focused on getting to know our company, fostering creativity and teamwork, and emphasizing future topics. The new apprentices and students received a warm welcome and took part in a plant tour. Traditionally, a tree was planted on the company premises, symbolizing sustainability and the growth of the new training cohort.

In the second week, another exciting program awaited the apprentices and students, including the "Häring Mystery Mission", an Escape Game requiring teamwork and creativity. In addition, they were given the opportunity to work in groups on various topics and present them in individually designed booths.

Our President, Miriam Häring, is also delighted to welcome new members to the team: "The start of training marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the new apprentices and students. It is a time of learning, growth and opportunity. We look forward to accompanying and supporting them on their journey."